A Quick Primer…

Here is a link to the 21 Convention talk that I gave in July of 2011, which will serve as a nice initial primer of several of the topics and general direction and tone that I intend to take with this blog.


Subjects covered;

Value and importance of intimate (committed monogamous) personal relationships.

Value of Filtering for a relationship.

The importance of Boundary Setting as a relationship skill.

The importance of establishing and maintaining an individual Brand.

The significance of knowing how to have and hold a Critical Confrontations within a relationship.

How and why to end a relationship.

The basics of getting over being dumped.

How and should you go about getting your EX back

None of this should be considered ‘all inclusive’ but simply a basic primer for you to think about and then go out and research more yourself. Nor is it even close to being complete. The realm of relationships is vastly more dynamic and extensive than the world of pickup…

Luckily all this material is readily found in mainstream sources. You will more than likely be inundated with too much information rather than too little, but it is out there. You just have to go find it and start to utilize it.

A great source/blog/forum/videos can be found at the 21 Convention website. Anthony has come a long, long way in developing and spearheading the idea of self creating an idealized self. In a time in which men face an unknown life script and the simple question of what to do with your life and what you want from it, has never been more important, or even truly an option. Today that question is central to every man’s development and life. You have a choice. Who do you want to become and what life do you want. It’s your job to develop both. Here are two links to The Dream Lounge and The 21 Convention videos that he posts free of charge. There you will find many high qualified speakers talking about Male/Female Relationships, Exercise and Nutrition, Entrepreneurship and Business as well as Individualism and Self-Actualization.

If you can create the opportunity I would highly recommend that you attend any of the upcoming 21 Conventions, not just for quality of content of the speakers, but for the passionate and in depth discussions that take place with speakers and attendees afterwards, the infused camaraderie and energy and momentum boost that comes with being with others that share your life objectives. There’s a proverb about ‘Steel sharpens steel.’ At The 21 Convention ‘Men are sharpening men’. Anthony is doing a hell of a job in filling a void, taking the lead in lifestyle design and development and helping to make that happen for a large number of men.



As a side note I would like to apologize in advance for the quality of the presenter (mine)… as I stated in my talk I’m not a professional speaker, but very much a amateur, as this video will show. In many areas I repeat common phrases waaaay to much and embarrassingly utilize the word ‘aspect’ continuously much to my chagrin.

At that time in my life I was juggling competing demands of a series of life crisis’s stemming from a terminated romantic relationship a few weeks earlier, the daily/weekly demands of my personal and professional life, the pressures of being at the end of taking a series (7) professional architectural registration exams, being in the midst of a profession wide melt down (approx. 70% under & unemployed) as well as a firm wide reduction of staff from an office of 42 down to 8 in 18 months, and the emotional loss of the passing of my life companion, my English Bulldog Handsome, who I so emotionally relied on for so many years, only two weeks earlier. All this limited my preparation ability and it clearly shows in my physical appearance to the point I considered not doing the talk. I didn’t, but that being said, the video captures exactly where I was at, how prepared I was and the degree of polish in presenting.  Haters are going to hate, but for the rest of you, please keep all that in mind.




Here is a link to the 21 Convention Interview Series that I partook in.



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