Blog’s Mission

“Man up!” How I hate that fucking term…   It’s one thing to hear it coming from a man who is intimately aware of the implications and ramifications of that statement’s requirements and who isn’t demanding that you do anything that they themselves are not doing or have done. As insulting and infuriating as it is when it comes from the ignorant and clueless, it’s insidious when it comes from those that wish exploit men’s inherent social script to defraud them, because so much of male social script is contingent upon men relinquishing their dreams, aspirations and supplicating to the feminine desires socially. That’s open manipulative misandry and it shouldn’t be stood for.  Often that misandry is couched in similar phrases such as; ‘Step Up!’, or ‘Be the Man’ and is invariably followed by an implied “& Shut Up!”.  The intent is always the same, supplicate to the demands of women’s needs, desires and social latitudes at your expense.

And yet, when I honestly look at the situation it isn’t the goal or objective that I actually have a problem with… it’s the manner , approach and expectations in which we send men to achieve this… men on a whole are almost totally unprepared for the socio-economic transformations that have taken place in the last 50 years… The gender and social scripts for men have been utterly transformed. Where our masculine traits served us and women well, as protectors and providers, they are now obsolete, defunct and openly ridiculed. We are simply demanding of men to take on the enormity of a task, without giving them the basic knowledge or abilities to succeed in that endeavor, let alone support them.  That’s setting good men up for failure and that’s completely immoral.

This blog is to stand in support of young men by providing basic knowledge and skills required to ‘Man up!’ and therefore better shape not only a young man’s self-worth, self-identity and self-respect, but also that they may honestly take on the responsibilities of having a healthy meaningful, long-term, committed relationships, and that they may ultimately be able to pass that legacy onto their own children…


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