U21C Orlando 2016

U21C 2016 Orlando

June 25th-26th: Orlando, Florida


“If I could turn back time…”

 If you could turn back time and sit with your younger unknowing self, what would you say? What conversation would you hold?  What concepts that you fully grasp now, could you convey the importance of, to a younger self that would serve as the foundation of you could live for the next 20+ years?  That is the general premises of this year’s Under 21 Convention in Orlando.  Multiple speakers giving the same general presentation, covering their perspective expertise; dating, relationships, fitness, health, philosophy etc… 

 The reality of this concept isn’t what if I could turn back time and spend an hour learning what are the foundational elements I need to know being 21 or younger, but spending two (2) whole days immersed in those subjects, with similar people dedicated to the same values of self improvement and development.

 While the focus is ‘Under 21’, there is no doubt that these are the foundational elements that you will carry with you for life. Anyone looking to shore up their personal foundations of personal development will find value in every presenter and presentation.  I know because I speak from experience; my personal development has exploded alongside the same explosive growth as the 21C & 21University.  For my part I’ve tried to give back as much as I’ve taken with me from those experiences.  Personally I know I have been greatly enriched by this process.     

Because of this, and because I firmly believe that some of the greatest value of attending any of the 21Convention events is the personal interactions with the speakers and camaraderie that occurs with the attendees, I will be hosting a social event at my house (The Big White Box) to further promote those opportunities. This will be free of charge and will be open to all attendees and presenters.

 I truly am looking forward to all of this!

 Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

The Honest Liars Podcast #85

Honest Liars Podcast

Recently I had a fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by the boys at The Honest Liars regarding a wide range of subjects concerning relationships, living consciously, feminism, living virtuously and fatherhood. Most importantly I was able to spend quality time with individuals dedicated to living and improving their lives with incredibly conscious efforts.  They’re doing some really great work and are well worth the read and listen.  I could try to paraphrase what they do, but I think they do a fine job explaining it themselves: 

We believe that most people are perfectly capable of having fulfilling, honest, and open relationships. The problem is that so few of us have ever had true honest modeled for us, making it difficult to find authentic connections later in life. 

In order to attain these relationships, you MUST work to become the most authentic version of you, which means getting vulnerable not only with others, but also (and more importantly) with yourself.

Don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. People all over the world are starting this journey, just like you. They are waking up to the fact that their relationships are lacking, that something’s just not quite right with their world…


The Honest Liars

The Honest Liars Podcast #85 Socrates Interview


A Personal Map to the Sexual Marketplace- Full Video

A Personal Map to the Sexual Marketplace

Almost a year and a half ago I started on a journey that was to profoundly change my life and while I suspect that it would impact it, I had no idea of the journey that it would personally put me on. That journey isn’t over and to be honest has only just begun… more on that much later…

The importance of all this is the event I’m talking about is my acceptance to be the keynote speaker at the Tampa 2014 21 Convention. I knew that this was going to be an ordeal. The speakers are awesome, the subjects varied, as they are intriguing and pertinent.

I decided to take what I knew, what I believed, what I’ve come to know, roll all that up with this blog and produce a presentation that each and every attendee could personally utilize to understand the sexual marketplace, their position within it, identify where their own goals and objectives lay and how to chart an appropriate course to achieve those goals and objectives. That and it had to be easy to use and they could take it with them…

This is that presentation.

“As You Are”

Nick Spark As You Are

I first met Nick Spark a few years ago. He was incredibly open, laid back and engaged. Our paths have crossed a number of times since then and each time he continues to impress me with the degree in which he is able to emotionally connect with seemingly everyone, how he is able to foster relationships and simply charm those around him by being himself in a natural way.  Nick is simply an awesome guy, you’re glad to have met and wished you were closer than you are.

When someone like this writes a book based on the very things that I have been personally impress by, I take notice. Not only I’m getting my own copy, I highly recommend you do as well.

Self Adoration- Your lying, cheating, abusive wife and what to do about her

Self Adoration

I’ve been missing but not absent.  Working hard on another project, but in the mean time I cannot recommend this video enough that supports the mindset of masculinity that is essential to productive, healthy and natural relationships.  It is also a preview of the direction of social commentary that I hope to produce for this blog, once I’ve completed my original goals for this blog.  Unfortunately that will be in some time, as there’s a tremendous amount of content to still cover.   Of course the direct shout out to Manning Up Smart in the video truly is humbling, as I’ve learned and shared so much with Greg and I really do owe him a debt of gratitude, with regards to my own work and within my own life.

Until I post actual continuing blog content: enjoy:


Self Adoration

21 University- Education for the Ideal Man

21 University

21 University- Education for the Ideal Man

As the site states clearly:

Take command of your dating life.

Get healthy, grow strong and build muscle.

Build wealth and master your career.

Author your life and become you own ideal man.


I’ll proffer more than that because I know the man behind this personally.

He’s a good close friend.  Someone I trust.  Someone I respect.  Someone I listen to.  Someone I’ve personally grown with.  Someone I admire.  Someone who has mentored me, as much I him.

If you’ve found this blog encouraging, informative and interesting, the 21 University should be a place you’re keenly interested in.  It will be far more dynamic, far more informative and vastly more rewarding personal zone for growth, discovery and awareness, because it has far greater goals and ambitions than what I propose here with this blog.

It will also be a reflection of the man who’s created it, based on his interests and areas of personal study.  From a personal perspective, and I think he would agree, this site has the opportunity to take more than ten (10) years of personal growth, education and formulation and compress it into a ‘point and click’ format of delivery.  The very hard work has already been done.

I not only endorse this whole heartedly, but I stand directly behind it.

21 Convention Post-Keynote Address Interview

21C Tampa 2014 21C Report

Oh, My!  Look who’s being interviewed by Marilee Johnson for the 21Convention…

The 21 Report has just released my Post-Keynote Address Interview I gave from the 2014 Tampa 21Convention speech.  It brings back a lot of memories from such a fascinating time, people and event.  Each year they keep getting better and better.

Anthony has also release to the 21 University of my opening address from the same event, if you’d like to see more, I highly suggest getting access.  It is well worth it and promises to be truly a unique venue for self-improvement and self-actualization guidance.

Stay tuned as the Keynote address and the Closing address will both be added to the 21 University site in coming months.  I’ve been lucky enough to have seen an raw unedited copy of the keynote address and I’m quick excited about its future public release.