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About that name…

“Sock!”- is shorten childhood nickname for Socrates, which is my birth name that I later had changed due to societal and peer pressures. My parents first met during a literature course in college and fell in love reading a play by Socrates… somewhere they thought it would be terribly romantic if they got married and named their first son Socrates… They did and the rest is my history… …or so the story goes…

Who am I?

Six years ago I found the men’s community in the emerging blogosphere, in search of not only trying to save an unhealthy and failing relationship, but in desperate search to find myself and reconnect to a society of men where I had previously always excelled and realized myself. It was something that I had lost touch of and was dearly lacking. It was the first tangible step in changing my life by re-taking control and authorship of it.

I found and discovered many, many things in the community… about myself, my life, my ideals and my values. I found and made friendships that I hold dear to this day. It more than anything for me was a culture that fostered and nurtured acts of self discovery, analysis and ability to be naked and raw with my honesty, as expressed to myself and others. It was this support group with which you could honestly engage and receive feedback, which I found so critical to my personal development. It was and still is many, many things to me well beyond ‘The Game’.

Who am I? I’m honestly not sure. I can tell you I’m (currently) a 43 year old man, professional (Architect), guest speaker at The 21 Convention 2011 of Orlando Florida, and a mentor and friend to several young men in the Central Florida area. I am a man who is still trying to honor his inner child and balance the desires, ambitions and responsibilities of a grown man… to realize an idealized self… in that regard I’m a process, part of a journey of discovery…

I am a son. Older brother. Friend to many. Lover and Ex-Boyfriend to a few. Ass-Hole to some and a nameless face in a crowd all in one… I am a Hero to small children and overall dog lover. I have loved, been loved in return and on occasion, I have been horribly mistreated by those claiming otherwise, as I have too mistreated others, who deserved so much better than what I was able to proffer. I have had my success and failures at both ends of personal extremes. I have been paralyzed by fears and have learned that I am vastly stronger and more resilient than I could have ever imagined. I didn’t get to where I am now by myself, but by being held up and by standing on the shoulders of giants, none more so than my parents. Ultimately I am a composition of the human kaleidoscope of being… unique and utterly common… yet distinctly a noble being.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Very awesome, the male comunity has given me so much as a man, It has giving me a grip on female relationships, I’m still on a process of manning up, though I’m glad I came accross the comunity, in the future I’ll bet I’ll remember this jurney as a breaking point in my life.. Thanks.

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