About Me



About that name…

“Sock!” or “Soc!”- is shorten childhood nickname for Socrates, which is my birth name that I later had changed due to societal and peer pressures. My parents first met during a literature course in college and fell in love reading a play by Socrates… somewhere they thought it would be terribly romantic if they got married and named their first son Socrates… They did and the rest is my history… …or so the story goes…

Who am I?

Socrates is a licensed architect, author, public speaker, relationship blogger, partner and father having never anticipated becoming any of these, but there he finds himself. After leveraging his professional skills and talents to organize knowledge, plan, design and guide action to re-shape his own life, he now helps other men and women do the same in theirs.

1 thought on “About Me

  1. Very awesome, the male comunity has given me so much as a man, It has giving me a grip on female relationships, I’m still on a process of manning up, though I’m glad I came accross the comunity, in the future I’ll bet I’ll remember this jurney as a breaking point in my life.. Thanks.

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