Blog Rules

This is my house…

The rules are simple… This is my house and I’ll enforce any rule for behavior the way I see fit. It may be fair, it may be unfair, it may be biased. That’s my choice and I’ll excise those as I feel fit, at that time.

Act like it…

With that being said act like you are in someone else’s house and you’ll do fine. I don’t expect people to be perfect when open, frank and passionate ideas are being shared and bantered about. But if you offend, be prepared to proffer an honest and sincere apology to the offended. Otherwise I’m going to show you to the door and wish you to have a nice life…

Bad behavior won’t be toerated…

Bad behavior isn’t going to be tolerated. Don’t expect a warning. There won’t be any. You won’t be invited back.

Words have meaning and value…

Words have meaning and value. Be prepared to use them wisely. This doesn’t mean I’m looking for supplicating behavior or language. In fact I’m open for critical criticism and differing opinions, just be sincere and polite in doing so.

Play nicely with others….

Manners go a long way to fostering effective communication and effecting changes in others ideas and thoughts. Don’t let the value of your message get lost in persona of the messenger.

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