The Map: A Personal Guide To The Sexual Marketplace-Video Series.

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The Map: A Personal Guide to the Sexual Marketplace


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For those lost in the sexual marketplace this is a functional model as to why, what and how to change that.

Never be lost in the sexual marketplace again!

Most people have an impoverished concept of the today’s sexual market place and their romantic interests suffer accordingly. Furthermore, their behavioral stratagem does not adequately satisfy their need for intimacy and connection. Many have grown accustomed to loosing their heart in the process of trying. Others still hold deep mistrust and skepticism regarding the viability of relationships, that they actively eschew them.

In The Map; A Personal Guide to the Sexual Market Place, I’ve created a graphic illustration of today’s sexual market place because visualizing and comprehension go hand in hand to assist those that are bewildered and perplexed in navigating this environment. When individuals have a rational understanding of the primary drivers of the sexual marketplace, the reason why they fall within the zone that they do, where their specific goals and objectives lay, we can start to chart a path that tells us which traits and attributes they should be focusing on and to what degree to achieve their desired results.


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In this video I discuss a portion of my book The Map- a personal guide to the sexual marketplace; the notorious Bermuda Triangle of the sexual marketplace; the area known as the Friendzone, what it means to be there and what can be done about it.

If you’re here, you know it. We all know it. This is one of those areas where you can’t hide from others let alone yourself. People sub-communicate the zone that they know they’re in, almost blaringly. For starters, you’re below the sex threshold; others have no interest in having sex with you, you have no desire for sex where you’re actually involved. If you are here, there is no shortage of reasons, as to why. Nor is one thing going to change that… …so stop looking for that ONE thing that will change this and your life.


00 The Map

Each of us viewing this videos series will be driven by any number of highly personal factors, but I want to direct the focus of this series towards a specific number of audience members; those don’t understand the sexual market place (SMP) and feel lost and bewildered by it; those that are unsatisfied by their positioning in it and who seek to better their lives through understanding and corrective action and with those who do not want to rely on luck or serendipity for their happiness and fulfillment in the SMP and established relationships; that is to say they are looking for explicitly repeatable elements, features and behaviors that will determine their relationship potential success, happiness and longevity.


101 SMP Sexual Marketplace

“Wisdom begins by calling things by their proper name”. In this video we evaluate the ‘Sexual Marketplace’ which is both loaded and laden with significance, relevance and unspoken connotations…

For those of us in it, the Sexual Marketplace (SMP) is a screwed-up place. We intuitively feel what’s going on but may not fully understand it. We’re inundated with poor advice from those that are detached from reality, have social agendas, or who are just so clueless that it would be laughable if not for the very real damage they’re creating. We are faced with poor advice, heady goals and the opposing stark realities in a very unforgiving dating environment.


102 SMP Economic Model

In this video we look into why an economic model of the SMP is so useful for understanding, comprehension and navigating todays social, cultural and political sexual environment.


103 SMP Biological Drivers

In this video we cover one of the most critical underpinnings of todays social, cultural and political sexual environment; the sheer fact that it is primary biologically driven and we are hard pressed to do anything to resist it.
You are the result of billions of years of evolutionary success, in massive part due to the fact that you’re hard wired biologically for it. The great news is that on a biological level, we just have to get out of our own way, embrace our biological nature and let life happen. When we do, we will have fulfilled our part in keeping our species alive and project our unique genetic sequencing into the future.