21 University- Education for the Ideal Man

21 University

21 University- Education for the Ideal Man

As the site states clearly:

Take command of your dating life.

Get healthy, grow strong and build muscle.

Build wealth and master your career.

Author your life and become you own ideal man.


I’ll proffer more than that because I know the man behind this personally.

He’s a good close friend.  Someone I trust.  Someone I respect.  Someone I listen to.  Someone I’ve personally grown with.  Someone I admire.  Someone who has mentored me, as much I him.

If you’ve found this blog encouraging, informative and interesting, the 21 University should be a place you’re keenly interested in.  It will be far more dynamic, far more informative and vastly more rewarding personal zone for growth, discovery and awareness, because it has far greater goals and ambitions than what I propose here with this blog.

It will also be a reflection of the man who’s created it, based on his interests and areas of personal study.  From a personal perspective, and I think he would agree, this site has the opportunity to take more than ten (10) years of personal growth, education and formulation and compress it into a ‘point and click’ format of delivery.  The very hard work has already been done.

I not only endorse this whole heartedly, but I stand directly behind it.

1 thought on “21 University- Education for the Ideal Man

  1. As a founding member of the 21university, I can say it’s definitely worth the money, and every penny goes towards a great cause: Helping men like you become the best version of themselves.

    Where else can you get a world-class education on becoming your ideal self for $15 a month?

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