Filtering and Screening for healthy productive relationships

Image of Sirens in a lake

Don’t alter your course for the Sirens…


Take responsibility…

Much as in like golf, people play through with their unresolved personal issues, social constructs and dating strategies based solely upon attraction… In other words, their show must go on…inevitably to horribly predictable conclusions. Without the very real sense that ultimately your life and where it takes you is vastly more important than getting laid, you will never foster and develop healthy productive relationships for yourself and the consequences of those decisions will affect the quality and nature of your future.

Profits are made at the buy…

In business the profits are made at the ‘buy’ not the ‘sell’… People with poor ‘fundamentals’ are not going to be assets in your life or their own… The clearest indication of this is when you look into the nature of both their physical and emotional make up of their lives… Train wrecks show themselves for what they are. Often they will even proudly tell you…  You should develop the revulsion towards an emotional diseased soul, as much as a physically diseased one… Do you truly not value yourself to the degree that you would emotionally partner yourself with a leper?  Habitually men don’t…

Avoidance over repair…

Learn to accept people for who and what they are, rather than addressing their potential. People seldom change on their own accord until it completely doesn’t work anymore… They’ve crafted their lives and what they are doing works for them… where it doesn’t, the loss isn’t enough to motivate or spark a desire for behavior or choice modification. Unfortunately not only does that mean you’re going to be in store for a really shitty ride up until that point, but more likely than not, loosing you and the relationship with you, will have less value than instigating change and being accountable for their lives. Don’t bother trying to fix a situation you should have avoided in the first place…

Addiction avoidance…

Making life altering decisions while inebriated is a dangerous thing to do, but much like drinking and driving, men tend to mix and indulge in the deadly cocktail of attraction, sexual gratification and validation, when choosing to let a woman into their lives… or justify the actions afterwards by focusing upon these criteria post colitis. Learning to remove a woman’s ‘sexual appeal’ and ‘sex availability’ from the emotional equation will help put into perspective what other traits she brings to the table… In simpler practice stop fucking emotionally undesirable women! We get more of what we place value in… and sexually desiring and fucking has considerable value… Want less narcissistic, self-indulgent, entitled bitch behavior? Stop feeding into it! Starve it out of women… make them go home alone, masturbate and cry themselves to sleep wondering why they can’t find a ‘good’ man (New American Spinsterhood Syndrome). Put value ( your time, energy and commitment) into where it is earned… and you’ll notice a remarkable change not only in your own life, but also the SMP (Sexual Market Place).

Developing a road map…

Your ultimate goals are the driving force behind most of your actions… having a clear vision of what type of life you want to live and the type of relationship that you will find fulfilling, invigorating and desirable will help you with knowing which direction to swim in the SMP… It will highlight passing comments or phrases that are parsed out during routine conversations that you can pick up on and follow-up with, as you investigate the personality of the individual you’re engaging.  In panning for healthy relationships prospects, we need to focus upon the finding of healthy desirable women and cherishing those, the gems, and not jading ourselves upon the silt of humanity that invariably make up so much of the current SMP.  Ultimately one doesn’t find gold while playing with shit…

3 thoughts on “Filtering and Screening for healthy productive relationships

  1. Dear Socrates,
    It is a privilege to read from your blog and listen to your talk.
    Although our cultures are far from being similar, your ideas resonate with me.
    And I have a question.
    Is there any conditions that a fulfiling relationship should satisfy?

    Tiw from Morocco

  2. Tiw,
    Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. My ego thanks you. Truly.
    Without trying to be flippant or smart, I think your question has a lot of merit, but the answer lies within the question itself; what do YOU find fulfilling? That is going to be different for everyone, but critical for everyone’s individual happiness. Ultimately the conditions for you to be fulfilled will determine whether or not you are being fulfilled by that relationship. If you’re not, the relationship won’t be fulfilling. Your happiness should matter to you and any relationship that doesn’t support that isn’t healthy.


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