My Red Hat

My-Red-Hat-Book-CoverMY RED HAT

A Modern Anti-Bullying Storybook

For years I’ve held several competing thoughts in my head that course their way around a common topic theme and questioned how to pull those ideas together to propose a probable solution to act on;

“We are one generation away from remarkably changing the world”

“Children are the future”

“Children are here to replace us”

I’ve also been involved one way or another in one way or another in trying to improve men’s and women’s lives, starting with my own…

So often is that nearly everyone looking for help, needs it, as in they are getting something wrong, have been hurt, damaged and traumatized by living life unprepared for the reality of it.

As part of an on-going discussion with several friends, mentors and fellow speakers there is an under current discussion that we are actually trying to help the wrong party; adults. Damaged adults. Instead, we would be better off preventing children by preparing them in advance by not to have the same issues adult do today.

In essence we’re talking about educating and cultivating children to face today’s modern age with the wisdom and knowledge we’ve learned the hard way. By all accounts this is called parenting…

So the question becomes, with divorce rates being approximately 50% and the majority of adults are coming from broken homes and marriages, how do you teach them how to parent when they are likely to have suffered a deficit of it themselves, and have little to no experienc to base their knowledge or understand from?

Worse yet, how do you teach someone to do this in real-time; How do you teach someone to Father, who was under-fathered, while they themselves are actually fathering?

This was a question that repeatedly came up at a number of conventions and conversations I had with others and it was while hosting a convention get together at my home that a group of us battered around this idea and came up with a concept; a storybook, that much like the fables of old taught lessons and cultured values that were as much for the parent, as it was for the child.

Additionally, in the process of reading and sharing the stories, they were created to provide segways to real life issues and challenges that enable both child and parent to initiate discussion and communication, prior to an event occurring, with the idea that prevention is far more valuable than a cure.

We also wanted to provide some basic background and reference material for the parent to assist them in how to utilize these books for greater gain.

In a period of a couple short days, the project took off and the result is the storybook set before you: My Red Hat, a Modern Anti-Bullying Storybook.

We intend for this book to be the first in a series of storybooks that will provide not only great bedtime stories, but also cultivating values and to serve as an initial source to start the communication process between parent and child and child and adult.

You can find more at the My Red Hat book website:

Or purchase a copy from Amazon here:


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