21 Convention Patriarch Event May 4-6, 2019 Orlando FL

21C PE Orlando 2019

21 Convention Patriarch Event May 4-6, 2019 Orlando FL
If you are a man who have fears, concerns and misgivings about raising a family in today’s cultural environment, the 21C ‘Patriarch’s Edition’ is a condensed, focused event centering on fatherhood and family leadership by fathers who openly embrace and exalt in their masculinity and familiar roles. This event will be the Why, What and How to embrace that yourself. I am both proud to speak and support this event.

I have also committed to speak at both of the following 21 Convention events this year.


21C PE Orlando 2019
21 Convention Poland Summer 2019
21 Convention Orlando Fall 2019
Note if you utilize this link to purchase any ticket to an event, please contact me as I would like to personally arrange time to meet, greet and make sure your experience at these events is more than you hoped for.


THE MAP-a personal guide to the sexual marketplace.


MUS_The Map_Book Cover

Never be lost in the sexual market place again!
Most people have an impoverished concept of the today’s sexual market place and their romantic interests suffer accordingly. Furthermore, their behavioral stratagem does not adequately satisfy their need for intimacy and connection. Many have grown accustomed to losing their heart in the process of trying. Others still hold deep mistrust and skepticism regarding the viability of relationships, that they actively eschew them.
In The Map; A Personal Guide to the Sexual Market Place, the author creates a graphic illustration of today’s sexual market place and proves throughout it, that a picture is worth a thousand words for men and women in today’s dating environment. In doing so, he encourages a sense of adventure, boldness and confidence in navigating the challenges in our social and cultural environment then couples that with simple productive advice, delivered with a bit of sizzle.
The author has a profound belief that ‘the sexes are meant for each other’. That we are naturally compatible and complimentary to each other, but society, culture, sexual politics and ignorance to human nature have taken us seriously awry. He wants to take the idea that we’re meant for each other and turn it into a social movement by transforming one individual and relationship at a time.
After leveraging his professional skills and talents as an architect to organize knowledge, plan, design and guide action to change his own life, he now helps other men, women and couples to navigate today’s sexual marketplace by leveraging the same approach he utilizes in architecture in orchestrating a cross-discipline team of professional by combining anthropology, biology, history, sociology and psychology to create a structural framework for living. This, coupled with his professional experience, allows him to create the vision and plan they need to achieve their life and relationship goals.

For those lost in the sexual marketplace this is a functional model as to why, what and how to change that.
Never be lost in the sexual marketplace again!

MUS_The Map_Book Cover

Accrued Value

Linchpin to the SMP- Being Prepared

Accrued Value

As a society becomes more complex, people more complacent and distracted, value is accrued to those who show up prepared and dedicated to making a difference.

21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place


Fear of commitment?


Linchpin to the SMP- FOMO

Fear of commitment?

Choice overload?

Difficulty in making big, life shaping choices?

Fear of mission out?

 You’re not alone…but you’re likely to manifest that.

 21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place



What could go wrong????

Linchpin to the SMP- History devoid

What could go wrong????  

What happens when you respond sexually to a ‘pro-sexual’ cultural and ignoring successful historical references, examples and presidents? You’ve got a hot mess…  welcome to today’s Sexual Market Place. 

Here’s a discussion about this and what you can do about it for yourself.

21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place

There’s a solution here that’s just right for you.

Linchpin to the SMP


There’s a solution here that’s just right for you.

 21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place


Time to talk about this…

105-FF-chartMarriage rate for women 2011


Time to talk about this…

Isn’t it time to have an honest conversation with your daughter about them and the cultural environment, in which they will find themselves sexually from their perspective?    

21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place