21 Convention Speakers Announced!!!

21Convention Tampa




21C Tampa







“In the absence of strenuous change, people stay the same…”

A friend of mine once commented that ‘average’ should be treated as a terminal disease…  That as soon as you begin to exceed average in your thinking, approach, decisions, the people you surround yourself with, you will immediately start influencing the quality of your life.  That has been incredibly true for me and my personal experiences with the 21 Convention.

The speakers have finally been announced and I’m not sure what I’m more excited about, my personal speaking roles as the keynote speaker or the opportunity to see this group of speakers and be personally involved with the event and attendees.  That’s over 75 individuals of character, committed to making significant impacts to their lives, in one place, over a three-day period, focused on and sharing their thoughts and concepts of excellence with each other.

Overall the 21 Convention is a tremendous incubator for learning, developing awareness and potentially addressing many contextual issues surrounding men from economic, cultural, political and biological facets of a man’s life.  It is an immersive experience that will jump-start anyone wanting to redirect their life.  Most impressively is the network of friendships you will make.  Friends who are equally committed to improving their lives and self-actualizing themselves.  People who are committed to their own agency.  As much as I truly love the 21 University videos, you just can’t obtain that by watching a one.  You have to attend.  You have to show up.  You have to commit to taking action and attend.

The speakers (which tend to be the focus of the event) themselves come from and represent specific areas of interest, which they themselves have pursued with vigor, passion and are willing to share with others beyond their speaking engagements.  This combined with an attendee audience capped at 55, provides for an incredible opportunity to have direct and personal time with each of the speakers, to relate ideas and conversations over a series of days with them and other attendees.  This creates an incredible fertile ground for these concepts to grow and develop.

If you’re looking to improve the qualitative nature and direction of your life attending this event would be an incredible investment in yourself.  If you choose to do so, please let me know, so I can have the opportunity to meet you, spend time with you and make sure that your 21 Convention experience is everything that you’ll be wanting to tell others about.


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