Accrued Value

Linchpin to the SMP- Being Prepared

Accrued Value

As a society becomes more complex, people more complacent and distracted, value is accrued to those who show up prepared and dedicated to making a difference.

21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place


A Personal Map to the Sexual Marketplace- Full Video

A Personal Map to the Sexual Marketplace

Almost a year and a half ago I started on a journey that was to profoundly change my life and while I suspect that it would impact it, I had no idea of the journey that it would personally put me on. That journey isn’t over and to be honest has only just begun… more on that much later…

The importance of all this is the event I’m talking about is my acceptance to be the keynote speaker at the Tampa 2014 21 Convention. I knew that this was going to be an ordeal. The speakers are awesome, the subjects varied, as they are intriguing and pertinent.

I decided to take what I knew, what I believed, what I’ve come to know, roll all that up with this blog and produce a presentation that each and every attendee could personally utilize to understand the sexual marketplace, their position within it, identify where their own goals and objectives lay and how to chart an appropriate course to achieve those goals and objectives. That and it had to be easy to use and they could take it with them…

This is that presentation.

21 Convention Post-Keynote Address Interview

21C Tampa 2014 21C Report

Oh, My!  Look who’s being interviewed by Marilee Johnson for the 21Convention…

The 21 Report has just released my Post-Keynote Address Interview I gave from the 2014 Tampa 21Convention speech.  It brings back a lot of memories from such a fascinating time, people and event.  Each year they keep getting better and better.

Anthony has also release to the 21 University of my opening address from the same event, if you’d like to see more, I highly suggest getting access.  It is well worth it and promises to be truly a unique venue for self-improvement and self-actualization guidance.

Stay tuned as the Keynote address and the Closing address will both be added to the 21 University site in coming months.  I’ve been lucky enough to have seen an raw unedited copy of the keynote address and I’m quick excited about its future public release.

“A Personal Map to the Sexual Market Place”

21C Tampa Keynote 01a

A Personal Map to the Sexual Market PlaceKeynote Address 21C Tampa

“In the absence of strenuous change, people stay the same…”

“A friend of mine once commented that ‘average’ should be treated as a terminal disease… That as soon as you begin to exceed average in your thinking, approach, decisions, the people you surround yourself with, you will immediately start influencing the quality of your life.  That has been incredibly true for me and my personal experiences with the 21 Convention.”

Those were my the opening lines to my last blog post some three months ago… at that time I started to do preliminary research and composition for the three talks that I would be giving at the 21C Tampa event.  I quickly became consumed, by the ramifications of the ‘exceeding average’ as I transformed a spare room into a working 21C presentation studio and set about working.  Since then I’ve barely had a chance to turn around!  (sometimes the best advice is your own advice).

Never before had I had the opportunity to place in story-board outline my thoughts and ideas across such a large canvass. Daily I would go and immerse myself within that space and swim in the concepts that were sweeping though that room.  I could work and respond to ideas big and small and then pin them into place against a much larger and emerging context.  That context grew and grew, as concepts and ideas that I had recorded elsewhere began to emerge in layers and be place upon those walls.  (these photos are taken early in that process)

MUS Studio 01

MUS Studio 02

It became apparent all too quickly that what I wanted and needed to say could not be covered adequately within the timeframe of my 21C Keynote speech. Furthermore I have been prompted by others over the years to do more than what I have already done and release a series of books based on many of the discussions we have had in person.  I haven’t for a number of reasons, but I have since been convinced otherwise.  As such, I’m announcing that I will be publishing a book “A Personal Map to the Sexual Market Place”  early in 2015 and the 21C Tampa Keynote speech is the working story-board to that greater project undertaking.  In a very real way, the 21C event itself will be not only a working presentation of the ideas I’ve been working with, but also an incubator for the feedback, observances and shared experiences that the 21C has always generated in completing the book.

The 21C has always served this function for me. One has directly led to another, growing and resonating further into something new then cycling again.  I have grown enormously alongside the 21C.  In my opening address I will be covering some of those experiences with the audience, but the Keynote address is reserved for the movement in which I have been a champion for some time.  Previously I’ve discussed and spoken about the Sexual Market Place (SMP) in general terms and conditions.  The problem with that is that ultimately all movements will have to be personal if they are to be successful.  With that in mind I’ve tailored a presentation of the SMP in a way the viewer/reader can directly place themselves, locate their objectives and chart the most appropriate path for them to take.  It will also identifying many of the challenges and obstacles one can expect to encounter while taking that course of action.  The most important is that it is ultimately YOUR map to YOUR objectives.

As a teaser I’m releasing two of the slides from the presentation below;

The first is addressing what a large number of women falsely place their focus and reliance upon; that of leveraging beauty and sexual attraction.  It is a treacherous trap that ultimately rewards them with misery, dependency and ever-growing failure.  Ultimately I hope to highlight and show the value of virtue, as a critical component within the SMP.

21C Tampa Keynote 02

The second explores a test case of the Pick Up Artist Community, what they teach, what they promise and what the ramifications of embracing those concepts are. Furthermore I will present graphically a narrative history and PUA approach to the SMP, but also what the underbelly of the community has led to.  Lastly I will present an alternative that is both proven effective and pro-social.

21C Tampa Keynote 03

These two excerpts are but a small portion (two subjects) of over two dozen areas of interest that I will be presenting in the talk and ultimately in vastly more detail in the book.

With approximately 30-days to the 21C event in Tampa, I am growing ever more physically nervous with excitement. I feel like a prized-race horse chomping at the bit with excitement and anticipation of the race.  For my part, I can honestly say that I wish I had access to the information that I will be presenting 20-years ago.  It would have made so many things so clear and actionable, that it’s easy to get depressed at thinking of my obvious errors I’ve made, as a consequence at not having access to it.

For those of you who already have purchased your tickets, please contact me via email prior to the event and I’ll sit down with you personally to review the concepts presented in my presentation and work with you to map out your objectives and route within the Sexual Market Place, one on one. No charge, just as a thank you for reading this blog and being a critical component to the 21C and an instrument in re-shaping the SMP.  In addition, I would also like to invite each of you to join me for dinner, in addition to the Hero Dinner.  I want to meet and talk with each of you and exchange our mutual experiences at length.  I know previously those were some of my fondest memories and were the initiator for the blogs creation.

For those of you who haven’t purchased tickets or are still considering going, (if they are still available) I will honor the above offer as well; a one-on-one tailored consultation of your Personal Road Map to the Sexual Market Place and an invitation to join me for dinner the night of the presentation.

21Convention Tampa


I truly am looking forward to all of this!

See you in Tampa!

21 Convention Speakers Announced!!!

21Convention Tampa




21C Tampa







“In the absence of strenuous change, people stay the same…”

A friend of mine once commented that ‘average’ should be treated as a terminal disease…  That as soon as you begin to exceed average in your thinking, approach, decisions, the people you surround yourself with, you will immediately start influencing the quality of your life.  That has been incredibly true for me and my personal experiences with the 21 Convention.

The speakers have finally been announced and I’m not sure what I’m more excited about, my personal speaking roles as the keynote speaker or the opportunity to see this group of speakers and be personally involved with the event and attendees.  That’s over 75 individuals of character, committed to making significant impacts to their lives, in one place, over a three-day period, focused on and sharing their thoughts and concepts of excellence with each other.

Overall the 21 Convention is a tremendous incubator for learning, developing awareness and potentially addressing many contextual issues surrounding men from economic, cultural, political and biological facets of a man’s life.  It is an immersive experience that will jump-start anyone wanting to redirect their life.  Most impressively is the network of friendships you will make.  Friends who are equally committed to improving their lives and self-actualizing themselves.  People who are committed to their own agency.  As much as I truly love the 21 University videos, you just can’t obtain that by watching a one.  You have to attend.  You have to show up.  You have to commit to taking action and attend.

The speakers (which tend to be the focus of the event) themselves come from and represent specific areas of interest, which they themselves have pursued with vigor, passion and are willing to share with others beyond their speaking engagements.  This combined with an attendee audience capped at 55, provides for an incredible opportunity to have direct and personal time with each of the speakers, to relate ideas and conversations over a series of days with them and other attendees.  This creates an incredible fertile ground for these concepts to grow and develop.

If you’re looking to improve the qualitative nature and direction of your life attending this event would be an incredible investment in yourself.  If you choose to do so, please let me know, so I can have the opportunity to meet you, spend time with you and make sure that your 21 Convention experience is everything that you’ll be wanting to tell others about.