U21C Orlando 2016

U21C 2016 Orlando

June 25th-26th: Orlando, Florida


“If I could turn back time…”

 If you could turn back time and sit with your younger unknowing self, what would you say? What conversation would you hold?  What concepts that you fully grasp now, could you convey the importance of, to a younger self that would serve as the foundation of you could live for the next 20+ years?  That is the general premises of this year’s Under 21 Convention in Orlando.  Multiple speakers giving the same general presentation, covering their perspective expertise; dating, relationships, fitness, health, philosophy etc… 

 The reality of this concept isn’t what if I could turn back time and spend an hour learning what are the foundational elements I need to know being 21 or younger, but spending two (2) whole days immersed in those subjects, with similar people dedicated to the same values of self improvement and development.

 While the focus is ‘Under 21’, there is no doubt that these are the foundational elements that you will carry with you for life. Anyone looking to shore up their personal foundations of personal development will find value in every presenter and presentation.  I know because I speak from experience; my personal development has exploded alongside the same explosive growth as the 21C & 21University.  For my part I’ve tried to give back as much as I’ve taken with me from those experiences.  Personally I know I have been greatly enriched by this process.     

Because of this, and because I firmly believe that some of the greatest value of attending any of the 21Convention events is the personal interactions with the speakers and camaraderie that occurs with the attendees, I will be hosting a social event at my house (The Big White Box) to further promote those opportunities. This will be free of charge and will be open to all attendees and presenters.

 I truly am looking forward to all of this!

 Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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