The Burning Edge of Humanity



“Fundamentally I’m dying”


Recently I received word that a college who is facing terminal cancer, that his cancer has taken a drastic turn which will bring to a close his life.  Its something he’s been aware of for some time and living with in the shadow of it. 


“Fundamentally I’m dying”…  


He states these words in the following presentation, not for sympathy, but to underline the urgency and commitment to his beliefs and conveyed in the actions of his values… 


“Watch what people do”…


He states this too, and is something that I’ve utilized a great many times, but in this case I find terribly telling when you watch a presentation from a man who knows he’s actually in the process of dying, take his precious time to pass the fruits of his life onto others…   


Within this presentation TPM reveals a bit of himself;


  • His Life

  • His journey of self improvement

  • And we are able to watch his values in action during death


 You can tell a lot about a man by watching each of these.




Way back when…  prior to the mainstreaming and relatively open availability regarding the discourse of men’s issues and interests available on the emerging internet,  much of what existed was subrosa, done discretely and in confidentiality to a public context due to fear of shaming, ridicule and intimidation.  A relatively new concept was one of blogging, sharing and dissemination of personal thoughts and ideas in an open public forum.  At that time, much like reading a book, there was little direct connection to an author or blogger.  There was little to no expectations that you would ever meet or even more unlikely meet in common with others who share similar interest and perspectives to further the common discussion and conversation. 


The Private man transcended much of that for me.  He was one of those early voices and uniquely as an individual vastly closer in age, profession and life experiences that the much younger vanguard of the blogging community as it existed then.   It was a young buck’s game.  Because of that he stood out for me in a number of ways and for me was vastly more relevant.  It wasn’t always an individual post that interested me or captured my attention, it was the perspective and the fact that he was there.  He existed, and his views like mine told me I wasn’t alone in seeing the world the way that I was.


I had the pleasure of meeting the man on a few occasions and relished them.  In many ways he’s exactly what you see, but so much more in so many ways. 


In a presentation that I gave at the 21Convention Orlando 2016 I had the following to say (outline format);


  • You are a Heroic Being  by your very existence…

    • The fact that you are alive is all the proof you need.

  • Incredible odds (odds of existence)

    • Of all the eggs and sperm produced by your parents, only two were successful in your creation; you won the most important race of life, one of existence. 

  • You Only Live Once

    • You are living a hierarchy of values right now.  To which sort of life are they guiding you? 

    • You will have to make peace with your life, not just in death, but at each passing day, with each milestone and benchmark of your life.

      • Live deliberately; live your values to the best of your abilities.

      • Serve your values where they matter.

  • Living end of the ash heap of human genetic history

    • Society is more than just a relationship between the living…

    • There is a relationship between the living and the dead.

      • A past that has given us life and a future.

    • There is a relationship between the living and the unborn.

      • A present that has the potential to give rise to the future.

        • (TPM video is part of that legacy)


Upon reflection of this presentation TPM stands as a strong exemplar of each of these. 


I’m terribly grateful for that which he has provided to me by example and as such, I’ll be in attendance at his ‘Going Away Party’, to celebrate his life, legacy and to sincerely say ‘Thank You’. 




March 4, 2017 @ 6:30PM (through at least 8:30PM)
The Living Room Pub
1709 North Congress Ave
Boynton Beach Florida 33426


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