Fear of commitment?


Linchpin to the SMP- FOMO

Fear of commitment?

Choice overload?

Difficulty in making big, life shaping choices?

Fear of mission out?

 You’re not alone…but you’re likely to manifest that.

 21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place



What could go wrong????

Linchpin to the SMP- History devoid

What could go wrong????  

What happens when you respond sexually to a ‘pro-sexual’ cultural and ignoring successful historical references, examples and presidents? You’ve got a hot mess…  welcome to today’s Sexual Market Place. 

Here’s a discussion about this and what you can do about it for yourself.

21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place

There’s a solution here that’s just right for you.

Linchpin to the SMP


There’s a solution here that’s just right for you.

 21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place


Time to talk about this…

105-FF-chartMarriage rate for women 2011


Time to talk about this…

Isn’t it time to have an honest conversation with your daughter about them and the cultural environment, in which they will find themselves sexually from their perspective?    

21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place

25% of Millennials are projected to never marry….

105-FF-chart25% of Millennials are projected to never marry….

70% of Millennials would like to…

Having difficulties understanding and talking to your Millennial child, about birds and the bees? Maybe a little empathy, as to their generational position and having an honest conversation about them and the cultural environment in which they will find themselves sexually from their perspective.  

21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place

The Honest Liars Podcast #85

Honest Liars Podcast

Recently I had a fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by the boys at The Honest Liars regarding a wide range of subjects concerning relationships, living consciously, feminism, living virtuously and fatherhood. Most importantly I was able to spend quality time with individuals dedicated to living and improving their lives with incredibly conscious efforts.  They’re doing some really great work and are well worth the read and listen.  I could try to paraphrase what they do, but I think they do a fine job explaining it themselves: 

We believe that most people are perfectly capable of having fulfilling, honest, and open relationships. The problem is that so few of us have ever had true honest modeled for us, making it difficult to find authentic connections later in life. 

In order to attain these relationships, you MUST work to become the most authentic version of you, which means getting vulnerable not only with others, but also (and more importantly) with yourself.

Don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. People all over the world are starting this journey, just like you. They are waking up to the fact that their relationships are lacking, that something’s just not quite right with their world…


The Honest Liars

The Honest Liars Podcast #85 Socrates Interview


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The political, cultural and economic reasons why men don’t want to marry…

I’m taking a quick break in protocol in providing a link to the following video due to the fact that it is culturally time sensitive and is remarkable in clearly addressing the current cultural dating environment that men are seeing and addressing.

“Men on Strike!”

The point of this blog is to give rise and response to those men who are determined to embrace their nature/biology and take the tremendous risks associated with committed relationships and to provide some guidance to meet those.

I am fortunate to have a number of supreme examples of loving, committed and healthy long-term relationships as a basis for review. They in many ways are my rock in this swirling current of cultural misandry. But just because there are several great examples out there, the true risks are incredible and likely. Men are not treated as equal during and after divorce and the consequences are just too great. The shamming language that comes with telling men in light of these realities to “Man up!” is deplorable, but if we are to change this situation or incentives, we must first understand the reality and then openly address it, individually and then as a society.

In the mean time, I and many men like me are taking note, that it’s never been better to be a single. Single women, who want a man and a family, would be well advised to understand the nature of today’s culture and proffer an adequate response to it, in meeting men half way.