Accrued Value

Linchpin to the SMP- Being Prepared

Accrued Value

As a society becomes more complex, people more complacent and distracted, value is accrued to those who show up prepared and dedicated to making a difference.

21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place



Fruit from the shaking the bad-boy tree…

Marriage rate for women 2011

Fruit from the shaking the bad-boy tree…

Tired of shaking the bad-boy tree and being part of this statistic?

Its terribly natural to fear heavy commitment where risks are high, abilities and support are low and opportunities are in abundance. What you’re doing isn’t bearing ripe fruit.  You can’t get there, by doing what you’re doing.  Here’s an alternative thought your friends and family are not sharing with you… 

21C Miami 2016- The Linchpin to the Sexual Market Place

A Personal Map to the Sexual Marketplace- Full Video

A Personal Map to the Sexual Marketplace

Almost a year and a half ago I started on a journey that was to profoundly change my life and while I suspect that it would impact it, I had no idea of the journey that it would personally put me on. That journey isn’t over and to be honest has only just begun… more on that much later…

The importance of all this is the event I’m talking about is my acceptance to be the keynote speaker at the Tampa 2014 21 Convention. I knew that this was going to be an ordeal. The speakers are awesome, the subjects varied, as they are intriguing and pertinent.

I decided to take what I knew, what I believed, what I’ve come to know, roll all that up with this blog and produce a presentation that each and every attendee could personally utilize to understand the sexual marketplace, their position within it, identify where their own goals and objectives lay and how to chart an appropriate course to achieve those goals and objectives. That and it had to be easy to use and they could take it with them…

This is that presentation.