Behind the Scenes with Socrates @ The 21 Convention -Austin

Behind the Scenes with Socrates @ The 21 Convention -Austin

Here’s a quick peek preview of the talk I gave at The 21 Convention-Austin. It’s short, clocking in at a little over 3 minutes, but gives a good insight into many of the points I covered in my talk and more importantly how that dove-tailed into the other talks given at the convention, as well as what I feel is the real value of attending an event centered around personal self-development and realization.

Each 21 Convention that I attend I’m more and more impressed with not only the quality of the speakers, the direction that the event is taking, but with the very real feedback coming from the attendees, at how these talks and the experience of attending has and is shaping and changing their lives. It’s just really an incredible reality to be a part of.

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