The 21 Convention Tampa Florida 2014

21C Tampa 2014





The 21 Convention – Tampa, Florida October 24-26 2014

Culture, Philosophy, Health and Independence

3 days, 21 speakers, 55 attendees

Tickets on sale now!

Seating will be limited to 55 attendees!

“Why be one of the 55?”

“This will be one of the most profound events of your life. An absolutely captivating experience packed with rock-solid behind the scenes interaction, unparalleled speaker-attendee engagement, authentic problem solving, and more, with dozens of champion speakers pushing one another to their absolute best.

If you take the improvement of your self and your life seriously, The 21 Convention is a once in a lifetime, fundamentally unique opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.”

I can personally attest to all of this and much more.  Truly.

I am very pleased to not only confirm that I will again speak at the 21C in Tampa this October, but I’ve also been asked and accepted the offer to be the keynote speaker, with a speaking engagement on each of the three-day event.  If you are interested in actualizing your life as you dream of it and in the words of the 21C founder, Anthony Johnson “finding the hero in your own soul”, this is a precious event for self-transformation and realization.  I personally look forward to meeting, talking with, sharing ideas and concepts with each of you, should you take the incredible action to attend.  I hope you do.

Anthony & Marilee

By example.

This is an image of a man in command of his life, fully vested (having the rights to) and invested (contributed effort) completely in it. He’s become a remarkable man, living a notable life because of it. He didn’t start that way. Few of us do, but years back he took agency of his life and sought to seek and to verify his own truths, find his own way through life and to strive to become the individual he is today. It is truly remarkable due to the sincerity, conviction and conscious determination to do just that. Equally as remarkable, is that he openly shared his experiences, understandings and realizations with others and then brought together so many of us from different ages, passions and places to join him in doing the same (this blog is a direct testament to that).

It’s called leadership when you live by example and then inspire others by words and deed in efforts to support them in achieving their personal potential. It’s what makes Anthony such a valuable friend and mentor, he just doesn’t say what he knows or believes, but lives them. I intentionally created this blog to share my experience, knowledge and awareness of cultural and political context of the sexual market place, because of his influence. A very large and unspoken portion of what personally drives me is to make personal atonement to not only the people I hurt romantically in my past, because I wasn’t the man I wished I could have been and didn’t have the knowledge to voice what I can now, but also to also soothe and reassure my own insecurities, fears and anxieties about the very real risks, dangers and dis-incentives men face when facing committing to relationships in our current environment (and they are quite severe). What I am faced with by his example is a clear understanding of just how jaded, defensive and armored against living life I have become, especially with being trusting, vulnerable and open to real intimacy.

Anthony has in the past and continues even today to lavishly shower me with praise credit for sharing with him, what I knew, understood and believed about life and relationships which help lead him to Marilee and I am deeply touched by that recognition and sentiments. To be fair our relationship is far from one-sided and if anything the pendulum is now clearly swinging the other way. The stated goal and objective of this blog project for me was to “provide a stepping stone for men who desire to shape and author their lives and embrace the responsibilities in having committed relationships. In effect, those wishing to ‘Man Up!’, but doing so with wisdom and honed ability. I hope to be one voice, reaching a thousand lives, that will drive a revolution.” Tomorrow when Anthony and Marilee marry and commit their lives to each other, I will count them as my ‘first’ step towards that thousand, not because I haven’t helped others, or their level of commitment to each other, but because I have witnessed first-hand, thus know it to be true what happens when a man is determined to create the life he desires and in part I know I’ve been some of the steel that’s sharpened that man.

Ultimately what I am struck by is that as individuals we must be prepared for the realities of our world, but also learn to lay down our shields, to put down our spears, to feel the sunshine upon our faces and take our place under the sun, if we are to really live. Look again at the photo above and tell me you don’t see a remarkable man, living a remarkable life, because I sure do. …and he’s showing me by example. Our world needs far fewer Leonidas’ of the Men’s Rights Movement and more Anthony and Marilee’s. What an amazing gift they are giving each other and us as a consequence tomorrow.

300-Weathering the Storm


Socrates Anthology Released!

Socrates Anthology














Anthony @ The 21Convention just released not only my 21Convention-Austin video presentation, but complied all the talks that I’ve given for the 21Convention into a packaged ‘Anthology’. I’m more than touched and truly when I started down the road of self-improvement and assisting like-minded men, I never had any of this in mind. I am deep impressed with the work that Anthony has done over the years and continues to foster a growing community of awareness. He’s truly a remarkable individual and I am grateful for his trust and friendship that he has continually shown me over the years.

Yes, you can watch the videos for free, but take it from me, the $6 spent to get all of them full-length and in HD (better to see the ‘big guy’) are really worth it. It is also a small token to help support the 21Convention and the cause of self-actualization and lifestyle design which is the backbone of the movement Anthony started with the 21Convention.

In all honesty I found myself taking notes on my own talk, both for context I wish to explore further in my own blog and future talks and shamelessly because a line or two has receded into deeper memory and the video sparked it fresh again, or it just could be my age.  In any case, if you enjoy the blog, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the videos.  If you have any questions regarding content with either the blog or any of the talks I’ve given you can talk to me via email and I’ll be sure to respond.

Behind the Scenes with Socrates @ The 21 Convention -Austin

Behind the Scenes with Socrates @ The 21 Convention -Austin

Here’s a quick peek preview of the talk I gave at The 21 Convention-Austin. It’s short, clocking in at a little over 3 minutes, but gives a good insight into many of the points I covered in my talk and more importantly how that dove-tailed into the other talks given at the convention, as well as what I feel is the real value of attending an event centered around personal self-development and realization.

Each 21 Convention that I attend I’m more and more impressed with not only the quality of the speakers, the direction that the event is taking, but with the very real feedback coming from the attendees, at how these talks and the experience of attending has and is shaping and changing their lives. It’s just really an incredible reality to be a part of.

To find out more about this event:

 The 21 Convention