21 Convention Patriarch Event May 4-6, 2019 Orlando FL

21C PE Orlando 2019

21 Convention Patriarch Event May 4-6, 2019 Orlando FL
If you are a man who have fears, concerns and misgivings about raising a family in today’s cultural environment, the 21C ‘Patriarch’s Edition’ is a condensed, focused event centering on fatherhood and family leadership by fathers who openly embrace and exalt in their masculinity and familiar roles. This event will be the Why, What and How to embrace that yourself. I am both proud to speak and support this event.

I have also committed to speak at both of the following 21 Convention events this year.


21C PE Orlando 2019
21 Convention Poland Summer 2019
21 Convention Orlando Fall 2019
Note if you utilize this link to purchase any ticket to an event, please contact me as I would like to personally arrange time to meet, greet and make sure your experience at these events is more than you hoped for.

“As You Are”

Nick Spark As You Are

I first met Nick Spark a few years ago. He was incredibly open, laid back and engaged. Our paths have crossed a number of times since then and each time he continues to impress me with the degree in which he is able to emotionally connect with seemingly everyone, how he is able to foster relationships and simply charm those around him by being himself in a natural way.  Nick is simply an awesome guy, you’re glad to have met and wished you were closer than you are.

When someone like this writes a book based on the very things that I have been personally impress by, I take notice. Not only I’m getting my own copy, I highly recommend you do as well.

TSL Podcast Greg Swann





A Sunday afternoon spent in the Church of Splendor…

Sat down late this morning to wrap up my next blog post on ‘maintaining relationship quality’, which I’ve started and stopped a half-dozen times in the last three months… started to listen to this podcast from two mutual friends, to hear their voices again and immerse myself in the context of writing about ideas… and got lost hearing and being reaffirmed by shared values expressed in the podcast. Greg calls this church (the behavioral action of repeatedly going back again and again to remind yourself of what your values and virtues are and the acts of pursuing them). The more I think upon that and so many other ideas and convictions he shares the more I have to re-think so many ideas and ideals I once held so profoundly close. At times I’m uncomfortable with where I come up out of the rabbit hole, but I then remind myself that there is no growth in the comfort zone…

The Sexual Life Podcast-with Greg Swann

With all that being said, if I fail to post this evening it’s because I’ve chosen to spend more time with my friends, their ideas and contemplating those values as they are expressed in my life… and right now that is the most likely outcome…

Steve Mayeda- The Sexual Life



Greg Swann